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One Punch Man season 2 is creating hype all around, with endless streams of new characters appearing from the manga and the webcomic. There is no such thing as character shortage when it comes to this series, as new heroes and new villains are almost being introduced every episode. But if there is one thing that keeps it afloat, it is the hope that a new character might actually be Saitama’s worthy opponent.

Lord Boros, Suiryuu, and even Garou were all powerful fighters that were expected to give Saitama the fight that he deserves. But as expected, Saitama thrashed all of them with his God-tier punch. It seems like no one can fight with him right now except if you get characters from other anime shows.

But what if there will be a new character that can actually make Saitama say “How would I beat you?”. We might not have that kind of character right now, but it seems like the creators are finally planning to have one. And this character might actually be connected to our beloved blonde cyborg, Genos.

This is a quick sketch of a character from Nebu Uro, the drawing is supposed to be a new character for One Punch Man. His body is made of cybernetic materials and it has a flash icon on his heart. Some fans believe that this character is a new model of Genos. Since he is the only cyborg that receives updates once in a while, he is the first to come up with the fans.

Some say it is Lightning Max’ new design because there is a lightning shaped icon placed on his heart. But Lightning Max has a different hairstyle that resembles Vegeta’s widow peak. Lightning Max is also just a side character so it is very unlikely that Murata or ONE will be focusing on him.

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If there will be one curious guess that I would give, my guess for the sketch would be Mad Cyborg’s first draft. Mad Cyborg is the cyborg that killed all of the people from Genos’ village. He is also the cyborg that Genos has been looking for. Nobody knows how powerful this Mad Cyborg is, but he might just be the perfect enemy for Saitama. It would be cool if Genos will be the one who will defeat Mad Cyborg, but you know how the fight will end.

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