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Black Clover episode 31 is going to be a really interesting episode. Asta’s day-off just turned out to be another workday for him and Gauche. At the end of the day, an attack from an unknown enemy made a chaos around the town. Asta and Gauche, together with Sister Theresa, need to find out where the culprits are in able to save the abducted kids. Black Clover episode 31 will reveal more about Asta’s sword.

Black Clover Episode 31

Rebecca’s siblings, as well as children all around the town (including Marie), are missing in the middle of the night. The culprit is probably the ice-magic user foreshadowed in the last episode. The snow is made out of mana and can manipulate the children through mind-control. Because the mind-control is not that powerful, it can only affect children whose magic are not yet matured to protect them.

Black Clover Episode 31

Luckily, Marie is always carrying a mirror from Gauche which enables the two of them to talk to each other even in far distances. The mirror also serves as a repel against weak magic, that is why Marie is unaffected and was just there because she was caught up with the other kids who are affected. Gauche traced the mana in Marie’s mirror together with Asta and Sister Theresa (Asta’s hanging on Gauche’s broomstick) while Noelle stays behind.

It was revealed that the duo of villains’ goal is extracting the mana out of the children. Marco was discarded because of his little mana while Marie is said to be the “diamond” in this batch because of his enormous mana. The two proceeded on extracting mana while Asta, Gauche and Sister Theresa is heading in their way.

They later found Marco in the entrance of the cave where the children are being held. Gauche, however, head straight right into the cave because his only concern is Marie. He doesn’t care what will happen to the other children. Just as when Marie is the next to be extracted, Gauche appeared just in time to save her. He battled the snow magic user, and it is revealed later on that as a Magic Knight, he’s too powerful for the kid.

Black Clover Episode 31 english subbed

It is revealed that those children who lost their mana will never be able to use magic again. This angered Asta and attacked the head honcho. Will there be a greater enemy coming to fight them? Is this abduction related to the movements of New White Eye? Things will be more interesting in the next episodes.

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