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Boruto Chapter 23 is out, and it shocked many. It seems that Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is following the footsteps of its parent series. The original Naruto series involved much death, some of which made fans cry like a kid, and sure the series was a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. Now, Boruto has started following the trend as it killed off a major hero from the past.

Boruto Chapter 23
Deaths in Naruto

Though many might not consider this as something of huge importance but, is it the start of an uncanny future? This question always pops up in mind, especially considering how the Boruto series started. Many already think that either Sasuke or Naruto might die sometime in the series, let’s just hope the creator doesn’t take such drastic steps.

The recent chapters of Boruto featured the major battle between Team 7 and the Kara outer, Ao. After settling with Ao, Team 7 prepared to take Ao back to Konoha village to interrogate but, thanks to Kashin Koji of Kara, the task was never completed.

Kashin Koji appeared out of nowhere and crushed Ao with his giant toad, to take care of Team 7 all by himself. After this scene, the question of Ao being alive became the hot topic of discussion among fans, and if we believe Koji’s words, then Ao is finished for good.

Boruto Chapter 23: Ao Is Dead!

Boruto Chapter 23: Kashin Koji Killed Ao.
Boruto Chapter 23: Kashin Koji Killed Ao.

Once a hero of the Hidden Mist village, and now died at the hands of the members of the same organization he worked for. In Boruto Chapter 23, Koji decides to let Team 7 go for now after witnessing a glimpse of Boruto’s power but, before he left, he said, ” Since Ao is dead, you have my gratitude.”

This whole situation is messed up and was it really necessary to kill Ao like this? There are mixed emotions among fans, and some still hope that he somehow managed to escape his fate and he’ll come back in the future.

Kashin Koji
Kashin Koji

Now, this theory cannot be cast off entirely as we saw Obito being alive after being crushed under huge boulders but, Obito turned out to be a huge character and compared to him Ao has already finished his services, and the creators don’t have any reason to keep him alive. He was already in his old age, and his abilities were also not what it used to be so, it’s better this way.

But still, Ao was one of the allied members who fought together in the Fourth great shinobi war, and he actually had a turn of a heart during his final time thanks to Boruto. He might have actually been a lot useful in tracking the Kara members but was put down.

His death in Boruto Chapter 23 would not be forgotten as he was a major character and he sacrificed himself for the sake of the world, and he would always remain a hero for the people of Hidden Mist Village.

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