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Boruto manga is going at full throttle as we are getting one exciting chapter after another. It is a shame that the manga is monthly and not weekly. Ikemoto is doing a really nice job with the manga, I have to give him that. The previous chapter was really amazing and it looks that the next chapter is going to carry on the goodness. Before we begin with the spoilers of the next chapter, let’s go through a brief summary of chapter 24. In the chapter, we saw Kawaki fighting one of the members of Kara, namely Garou.

Boruto Chapter 25

We saw a new ability in this chapter. I’m talking about Kawaki’s ability to transform his arm into a weapon. We have already seen several instances in the manga which showed off new technology. Boruto is going to highly influenced by ninja tech. The first time we saw anything related to technology was when Katasuke gave Boruto gave the gadget, which could release several powerful justu without any need of chakra.

Boruto Chapter 25

We also saw the tech arm, which allows a person to absorb any ninjutsu. It is crazily powerful that even someone as weak Iruka can put up a fight against some of the most powerful shinobi in the world. Anyway, going back to Kawaki. Kawaki’s transformation makes me wonder, how can he turn one of his body parts into a weapon.

In the next chapter, we will see Kawaki fighting yet again. It will be interesting to what Kawaki can really do against a Kara inner. There will be more abilities that will be put on a show. Other Kara members will also show their abilities. It will be interesting to see what else they can do. I would also like to see what the secret behind Jigen’s ability. So, it is important that some light would be thrown on his abilities.

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