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Boruto episode 56 is out and it is an exceptional episode. In this episode, we would finally get to see the participants of the Chunin exams. For people who have already seen the movie and read the manga, they’d know about the stuff that is about to unfold in this arc. This arc will be the best arc of Boruto for many months or even years. We have already seen it mentioned several times before that this arc will have new information.

Boruto Episode 56 Review – Detailed

Boruto Episode 56 Review

So, before we begin with the review of the episode, let’s go through a brief summary of the previous episode. In the previous episode, we saw Killer B after a long time. He encountered Momoshiki and Kinshiki who wanted to absorb all of the eight tails chakra. Bee tried to fight back, but Kinshiki and Momoshiki were just too powerful for him.

In the end, Killer Bee got all of the chakra drained from me. Towards the end, we saw that the Genin from the other villages were making their way towards Konoha. Let’s begin with the review of Boruto episode 56.

Boruto Episode 56 Review

Firstly, the episode was really good. The story and everything else was really well written. All the Genin were in Konoha and they’re getting ready for the Chunin exams to commence. Sarada was talking to Mitsuki and Boruto about Shinki. Shinki is the adopted son of Gaara, and he’s been really hyped by the series.

In the episode, we also saw the first part of the exams, which was to test the intelligence of the team. It wasn’t anything physical. Many of the students have already been eliminated. The tension has already started to peak. In the next episode, things are about to go down as the real deal is yet to come.

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