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Boruto‘s Chūnin Exam is finally in its last phase now, and starting from next week, we’re going to get a lot of action from the remaining participants in 1v1 fights. We’re into the part where the talent and the hard work of the Genin will finally show off, and it is very exciting to see what the Genin are capable of. While we already know what Boruto and Shikadai’s teams are capable of doing, we still don’t know how the rest the teams fare in comparison to them. I believe most people are excited about the Sand team, and starting from the next episode, we are going to see them all in action!

Boruto Episode 58 Update

Boruto Episode 58

According to multiple sources, the next episode of Boruto will see the beginning of the third round, and it seems as if we have some interesting clashes on our hands. Boruto Uzumaki is going to fight against Kumogakure’s Yurui. It seems Yurui is a proficient swordsman, and also a good lighting style user. His skills are not to be underestimated. Boruto will have a very hard time dealing with him, and will ultimately resort to using the Scientific Ninja Tool once again to bail him out.

Boruto Episode 58 Spoilers

The rest of the encounters will be interesting to watch as well. Shikadai Nara will have to face up against Yodo of Sunagakure. She is said to be extremely talented and is one of the best Genin around. However, Shikadai s going to win this one without much trouble. Chocho is going to fight against Shinki, and I guess we already know that result of that one. There is no way that Shinki will lose to her, so Chocho’s defeat is guaranteed. Sarada Uchiha will also be fighting, and she’s going to take on Tarui from Kumogakure. In the movie, Sarada literally just one-shot Tarui, but maybe we’ll see something different here, and the fight may be extended a bit in my opinion.

Inojin Yamanaka will fight against Araya, and while this matchup isn’t hyped up like the rest, I think it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of it. The final matchup of the round is between Mitsuki and Toroi. We already know that Mitsuki is going to win this one. He’ll go on to face Shinki in the next round, which is the main focus of the arc anyway. I’m also looking forward to seeing whether Mitsuki uses his Sage Mode against him or not.

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