Watch Boruto Episode 73 – Boruto And Sarada Are Missing

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In the last episode of Boruto, Mitsuki was seen collaborating with the enemies using Ino’s technique. Convinced that their friend is not what the others think he is, Boruto ventured out to find Mitsuki alone and ask him what’s going on. Just as when he thinks that he will do this alone, he found Sarada waiting for at the gate. In Boruto episode 73,

Boruto Episode 73 – Boruto And Sarada Meets Orochimaru

As per their plan, Boruto and Sarada went to Orochimaru’s Lab to find out why Mitsuki has done that. It is a dangerous quest but they were able to reach the place because Sarada has been there before but for different circumstances. She never knew that Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s son. This is an interesting episode because Sarada might meet Karin, and that might be awkward.

It can be remembered that Sarada was made to believe that Karin was her real mother in the earlier arcs. Even Naruto is kinda pissed with Sasuke, but the rescue was prioritized back then. However, it was proven that Sakura is Sarada’s mom in the end. It is expected that Karin will be appearing in the next episode.

Boruto Episode 73

Sarada and Boruto will eventually meet Orochimaru and will start to ask about his whereabouts. Even though it seems like Orochimaru knew what’s going on, he instead gave the two hints about Mitsuki’s will. They also knew a lot of things about Mitsuki and they realized that there’s really a lot of things that they don’t know about their friend.

Shikadai And His Team To Rescue Boruto

Meanwhile, in Konoha, the news about Boruto and Sarada gone missing was reported and Shikadai’s team was ordered to bring them back. It is still not mentioned in the spoiler if Boruto and Sarada was marked as traitors, but they’re marked as missing so this might not be the case.

Boruto Episode 73

Boruto episode 73 will mark the start of Shikadai and his team’s mission. They are expected to meet the two in the next episode. Right now, this episode is about Mitsuki and his friendship with his two friends.

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