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Fans got a big surprise in Game Developers Conference (GDC), Japanese based company Bandai Namco announced a Dragon Ball Z/Super game with the new title “Dragon Ball Legends“. The game was shown and demoed for the first time earlier this week. Players and Beta testers loved the new ‘Dragon Ball Legends’ game and its story-line.

Dragon Ball Legends APK
Dragon Ball Legends Visual

Dragon Ball Legends APK

Dragon Ball Legends will be making its debut on mobile phones in the coming months.The game was tested and demoed for the first time earlier this week, but the Bandai Namco was silent about any disclosure of release date.As of now Dragon Ball Legends is still not released or available but as soon as it hits available to some part of the world you can actually download it as well with help of some top rated and most secure APK downloading sites.

  1. ApkMirror
  2. AppBrain
  3. AndroidFreeware
  4. Modsapk
  5. ApkPure

We would suggest every fan to wait for the official launch of the game in their country before they manually download from the sites mentioned.

dragon ball legend apk download
Dragon Ball Legends Gameplay Screenshot

Dragon Ball Legends Release Date

As Bandai Namco is silent on release date many resources confirm that Dragon Ball Legends will be debuting in the second quarter of 2018. As pre-registration and registration for beta testers are already out. As every game, before it’s launch has a beta test, so speculations make it clear we will be seeing Dragon Ball Legends soon.

Dragon Ball Legends Gameplay

Dragon Ball Legends is not what you expect, it’s not a fighting game like Dragon Ball Fighter Z, despite the fact it has some mechanics familiar to the genre. This doesn’t mean Dragon Ball Legends won’t be a fun, rather it is a commute-friendly option for fans of the superb Dragon Ball FighterZ game.

dragon ball legends release date
Dragon Ball Legends gameplay

Players will tap the screen to perform attacks and will be able to move about the 3D environment by swiping the screen(seems like Pokemon GO but bit more complex). The inputs are simple: swipe for movement, side flick for a quick dodge, vertical swipe for a dash/backstep, tap the screen for normal attacks, tap and hold for a ki charge and that’s about it. Other moves require a single tap, too: tap a card to use it, tap to switch character, tap the player icon to use their ability and tap the Rising Rush icon to use the super.

The idea of the whole game is that it can be played comfortably with one finger, probably your thumb as you hold your phone in the palm of your hand, and in this, it’s a big success. The game is smooth and responsive, with forgiving-enough input timings for casual execution.

Dragon Ball Legends gameplay

Dragon Ball Legends is, more of a strategic card battling video game than a fighting game. Cards are automatically drawn from a deck as you fight. There are five card types: melee, ranged, support, special and ultimate. Each has an energy cost, so you have to manage your ki gauge as you play.

The Biggest surprise for fans was Dragon Ball Legends will be getting an all-new original character designed by Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama. This new character is not named yet but is a Saiyan which is confirmed by looking at his tail.

Super Saiyan Goku and unnamed new Saiyan from Dragon Ball Legends
Dragon Ball Legends: New Saiyan as seen on the right side

So we as a community currently know there will be two new Saiyans joining Dragon Ball Universe, Both are created by Akira Toriyama himself. The New Saiyans In Dragon Ball Super Legends game, and the next Dragon Ball Super Movie. You will notice that the Saiyan does seem to have some similarities to the movie villain.

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