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Hey everyone! In today’s post, we’ll be talking more about Dragon Ball Super: Broly. We’ve already discussed the movie in a bunch of other posts, but in this post, we’ll be diving a little deeper into the speculations. As most of you know by now, Dragon Ball Super‘s movie is coming out later this year. It is going to be a continuation of the Dragon Ball Super anime and will be set after the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Tadayoshi Yamamuro will not be responsible for the character designs in the movie. Instead, Naohiro Shintani will take over with the character designs. There was a mixed reaction, but I think most of the Dragon Ball fandom agrees that it looks much better this way. Shintani’s design agrees with me more because I think it is a lot more fluid, and the smears, along with the easiness look fantastic.

Dragon Ball Super Broly

We saw a new Saiyan getting ready to fight against Goku in the preview. Back then, I didn’t think it would be Broly, but I was wrong. Broly is making his return; he’s also going to be officially canonized after this movie. Broly has previously appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly: Second Coming, and Bio Broly.

These movies weren’t all that great, and that’s because Broly’s character didn’t appeal to the fans, but it seems Akira Toriyama is going for a complete reboot of his character with this movie. The Broly we’ll see in the upcoming film will be different from the Broly that we’ve seen before. I’m excited about this, and I hope he gets a personality now.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie

Gogeta Coming To Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie?

Recently, theories have been floating around that we’ll see another vital character return to the series, and that would be Gogeta. Before the premiere of the Dragon Ball Super movie, Toei will air three movies which may be tied to the plot of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie. These are Dragon Ball Z: Episode of Bardock, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan, and Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.

We all know the new movie will be connected to the Saiyans and their history which explains the Bardock movie. The fact that Broly is the antagonist pretty much describes the second movie, while the third movie is Fusion Reborn, and I believe we might be seeing Gogeta get canonized in this movie as well. I would love to see that happen as I’m a big fan of him. What are your thoughts on Gogeta’s return in Dragon Ball Super?

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