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One Piece‘s progression as a TV series has been amazing so far, with the show easily being one of the most watched series across the world almost every year. I’m pretty sure most of you know that One Piece anime is an adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s manga. However, since the anime runs on a weekly basis, it doesn’t feature incredibly animated scenes in every episode. Creating just 20 episodes or so a year, and doing one every single week is completely different. Because of that, and the huge storyline that One Piece has, Toei have made several ‘Episodes’ out of it.

One Piece’ TV Anime Special

Episode of Skypiea

These episodes usually contain a complete arc, squeezed into a single movie. We have had so many episodes for One Piece so far. Each of the main Strawhats have received their own episode. We’ve also got Episode of Sabo. Recently, we got Episode of East Blue as well, which covered the Strawhats adventures in the East Blue. According to Yonkou Productions, One Piece’s next Episode will be the ‘Episode of Skypiea’, and it will air on 25 August, 2018. As the name pretty much indicates, the episode will contain the events of the Skypiea arc mashed down into one single huge episode. There will be stuff left out here and there. However, the quality of the anime will have increased by a considerable amount. Last year’s Episode of East Blue looked incredible and I think the Episode of Skypiea is going to be amazing as well.

tv anime special

Skypiea is one of the longest arcs in One Piece history, so it’ll be interesting to see what the actual run-time of the movie itself is going to be. As for the staff that’s working on it, we still don’t know. But I guess it is going to be the same as the anime with Kazuya Hisada being in charge of the character designs. Or they can go with Masayuki Sato, who has been in charge of the designs in the movies. Either way, we’ll get some terrific animated Episode. I’m expecting all the top animators like Yoichi Mitsui, Yoshikazu Tomita, Ryo Onoshi, Naotishi Shida and many more to work on this special and give the fans what they want.

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