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‘One Piece‘ 902 was the last chapter for Whole Cake Island Arc, it marked the ending of one of the biggest One Piece Arc. One Piece 903 is going to be a really interesting chapter, but before that, we have some predictions and possible spoilers.

One Piece 903 Manga

The Strawhat Pirates managed to escape somehow from Big Mom and her army. But, the escape came at a huge price for the Strawhats. In order to make the escape possible, the Sun Pirates, Germa 66 and Jinbe had to stay behind, that was a huge sacrifice.

The Strawhat Pirates’ next goal is to get to Wano Country and start the biggest war ever with another Yonko, King of the beasts, Kaido. Half of the Strawhat crew, with Zoro, should already be there, while the other half of the crew will get there soon.

Before we go to Wano Country, we will be taking a short detour to Reverie. If you don’t know already, the next One Piece arc after Whole Cake Island is Reverie Arc. We don’t know how long Reverie will be, but if I had to guess, I’d say about 30-35 chapters.

The fact that Reverie is the next One Piece arc was confirmed by the editor of One Piece. Here’s what they said about One Piece Manga Chapter 903 (Warning: Spoilers ahead.) “From next chapter, which will be One Piece 903, we will go on a tour of the world meeting in Mariejois! “A tour of the Reverie”! Also, the Shonen Jump magazine cover for next week will be about the Reverie.

One Piece 903 will release on 2nd May 2018 on Viz. You will not be able to download it since Viz doesn’t provide any download option for the manga.

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