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Hey everyone! One Piece 907 official spoilers are out and the chapter is even better than the one we got last week. It seems to me that Oda really delivers when he increases the pacing of the manga. We already knew that the Reverie arc was going to be fast paced, but that did raise a few questions on if it would live up to the expectations. But to me, it feels like the Reverie arc has exceeded our expectations. This arc could easily be a 10/10, and think it’s already better than the Whole Cake Island arc. Anyway, let’s talk about the upcoming chapter now. One Piece Chapter 907 is titled “The Hollow Throne”, and here are the official spoilers for the Chapter:

One Piece 907 Confirmed Leaks

One piece 907 confirmed

“907 The Hollow Throne
Mama and Kaido are talking on the phone
Kaido has a large $$ debt to Mama, she tells him to go after the Straw Hats
Kaido says he’ll kill them/her if they come
Mama replies that this is not a discussion and hangs up

Marine HQ is tapping their call and flip out. Kizaru suggests that he will go
But he’s not sure just how strong the samurai of Wano are so he’ll put that on hold

Pangea’s throne is commonly known as the hollow throne. Stelly comes up to it
He wants to sit on it but is stopped by his associate
It is said that the throne is a symbol of peace, the heart of the world that no king can sit on
But Stelly doesn’t listen and insists on having his way

Shirahoshi is seized by St Charloss
Lucci stops Leo from getting her back
Lucci says if he didn’t there would be a war
But Neptune goes after Charloss
But another Celestial Dragon, St Mjosgard appears and knocks Charloss off his feet

One piece manga chapter 907 confirmed leaks

The Gorosei meet Shanks
‘What do you want?’
Right now is Reverie, politics isn’t something that should concern you’
‘We’ll take the time for you’
‘Thank you.’
‘Ask away.’
‘We have something to talk to you about. A certain pirate…’

One Piece 907 Confirmed Leaks Suggest Reveal Shanks Meeting Gorosei

Judging from the spoilers alone, this is another 10/10 chapter. The part with Shanks makes it all the more interesting. We now have even more reasons to look forward to the next chapter. Honestly speaking, I don’t think anyone really expected Shanks to show up at Mary Geoise. Yonko are in direct opposition to the World Government. How Shanks is able to step foot on their territory is insane. I think there may be some connections between the two that we don’t know about. Hopefully, the chapter will reveal much more than just this much and if that’s the case, this might just be the chapter of the year so far.

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