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At the current time, Oda seems to be building a lot of things for the future chapters. Because of this, there’s no concrete way as to where the manga is heading. Anything can happen in the new chapter, i.e., One Piece 911. But everything will soon meet at one point in the Wano Country arc. But first, let’s get a track of what is happening at the moment.

One Piece 911 – The Reverie And The World Powers

The Reverie, where the leaders of the world’s powerful countries, has officially started. Some things are happening in there at the moment, which, in my opinion, would affect the story more in the future than what’s currently happening in the Wano country. The world leaders will have a fierce discussion, and it seems like Luffy would be one of the central topics they would discuss.

OP 910

Another thing that can be a point of interest is Im-Sama. It is speculated that his character might be the major villain of the series. It is also worthy to note that one of the Yonkou, Shanks, is currently talking with the Gorosei about Luffy right now. Another thing that is worth to note is Nefertari Cobra’s meeting with the elders.

Then there’s Sabo and his fellow Revolutionaries who plan to rescue Kuma, this is also one thing that needs to be focused on, as its result will surely make a certain bomb explode. Oda seems to be packing a lot of stuff for this arc.

One Piece 911 – The Wano Country…and the Baboon

It seems like the other half of Straw Hat Pirates have landed in the Wano Country at last. Surely, Luffy can do something about the Baboon, who knows, give him some time, and he will be rallying that poor creature in the uninhabited parts of the country. There might also be news about Nekomamushi in One Piece chapter 911.

One Piece Chapter 911

The biggest concern right now is Zoro and his mighty problem; he seems to have put himself in a regrettable situation. After killing a daimyo and slashing his house with a seppuku knife, there’s no doubt that he’ll be on the run. There is a possibility that when Kaido sniffs this out, the other half of Straw Hats which are living in the country at the moment will also be in danger. All members will be reunited at some point, but that reunion seems to be for a later chapter.

One Piece 911 will officially release in Japan on 16th July 2018; however, the scans will release three days earlier, and we will keep you updated with that, make sure to check back OtakuKart again.

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