Watch One Piece Chapter 905 – Revolutionary Army To The Reverie

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In this post, we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 905. The manga‘s Reverie arc has been incredible so far, with both the chapters blowing the fans away. As revealed in the previous chapter, the real Reverie conference is going to start 2 days from now, at Mariejois. In chapter 904, we found out that Monkey D Dragon’s new base was at the Kamabakka Kingdom, and every member of the Revolutionary Army was there. The 4 Commanders of the army hadn’t made it yet and faced a little delay. They were soon seen on an island in the Grand Line, where they showed us some of their powers as well. It was also revealed that Monkey D Dragon planned to storm this year’s Reverie conference, and declare war on the World Government.

One Piece Chapter 905

One Piece Chapter 905

I assume we’ll get to know a lot about Dragon and the Revolutionary Army in this arc. They’re definitely monstrous in terms of power. We haven’t even seen them at their maximum power, yet they’re fearsome. When all the Commanders come together, and they set out, it’ll be very interesting to see. I’m assuming that we’ll see the Commanders of the Revolutionary Army meet Dragon in the next chapter. We’ll have 1 day left to the Reverie now, and the Revolutionary Army will prepare to make their move. On the other side, I think the World Government will be wary of an incoming threat, and so they’ll guard Mariejois the best way they can. I am hopeful that we will see Marine Admiral Ryokugyu in the next chapter, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

One Piece 905 raw

Since there is still a day to the World Reverie conference, I think we might see a bit of Monkey D Luffy and his crew sailing towards Wano. What I would really like to see is Nekomamushi on his course to find Marco and the other Whitebeard Pirates. I would love to see them return. This has to be covered before the Wano arc, and I think it will happen in the upcoming few chapters. Additionally, we might see what Zunisha is up to. Inuarashi is guarding Zou on his own, and there is always a chance that Jack might return. If he does, then maybe we’ll get to see an intense confrontation. One Piece will likely be on a break after manga chapter 905. But this is entirely my opinion.

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