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One Piece anime is currently halfway through the Whole Cake Island arc, and starting from One Piece Episode 836, we’re going to get to see what Big Mom’s childhood was like. For those of you who don’t know, Big Mom’s troubled past will be revealed to us in the next episode of One Piece. It was also tie to Mother Carmel, so those wondering who she is, and why she matters so much will finally get an answer in the next One Piece Episode.

One Piece Episode 836

The flashback was triggered because Brook broke the photo of Mother Carmel, and Monkey D Luffy managed to show it to Big Mom once again. She is now in a state of shock, and crying. Because of that, her past will come rushing to her, and we’ll get to see a lot of interesting stuff in the next episode of One Piece.

One Piece Episode 836

It seems Linlin was abandoned by her parents when she was a little girl. Because of her sheer size, and her disease, she was left on an island. Found by Mother Carmel, she was brought to a village in Elbaf. Linlin was taken care of there, but she created lots of problems for those living there, and the other kids who were there with her. She even managed to kill animals by accident. However, Mother Carmel was always there with her, and she was the one who took care of Linlin every time and made her understand what was right, and what was wrong. Some focus will also be thrown on Linlin’s disease. During a festival, the people in the village fast for a couple of days. Linlin doesn’t have the willpower to fast, but in Mother Carmel’s telling, she manages to get it done.

One Piece ep 836

One Piece Ep 836 Will Feature Mother Caramel’s Story

After the fasting is done, people are served Semla, which Linlin absolutely loved. But, unfortunately, during this fasting, she loses control and her disease kicks in again. She destroys the entire village of Elbaf, and also manages to kill the two elders of the Giant tribe. This is basically why the Giants hate Linlin so much. The next few episodes of One Piece are going to be absolutely amazing, and I’m very excited to see Big Mom’s story being animated.

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