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One Piece Episode 837 is just around the corner, so let’s dive into what is going to happen in the upcoming episode. First things first, this post is going to have a lot of spoiler material. For those who are not okay with reading spoilers, I suggest you don’t go on. Please stop reading here for your own good. If you don’t mind being spoiled, let’s get started. One Piece is currently halfway through Whole Cake Island, and we’re in the middle of Big Mom’s flashback right now. In the last episode, we saw how Big Mom was abandoned by her parents and how she eventually came to find Mother Carmel. The orphanage where she lived was very friendly, and Elbaf seemed like a great place for her to live at.

One Piece Episode 837

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However, during the fasting, she went berserk and destroyed everything near her. This was all because she wanted to eat the Semla. She even went up against the former Giant Pirates Captain and destroyed them in One Punch. In the next episode, we’re going to see the rest of Big Mom’s story. She, along with the rest of the children will leave Elbaf at once and the orphanage will be set up someplace else. During Linlin’s 6th birthday, she is given a lot of Semla, and this is where the tragedy kicks in. She enjoys the food so much that she actually eats the table, chairs and even the orphans. Oh, and also Mother Carmel. So that’s basically how Mother Carmel vanished all of a sudden one day.

One piece ep 837

We’ll then see Big Mom meeting with Streusen and eventually, they work together to create Whole Cake Island as it stands today. We’ll then head back to the main story and this is where the KX launcher will be finally launched at Big Mom. I’m really excited for the next couple of episodes of One Piece. I hope you all are just as excited as me.

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