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In One Punch Man manga chapter 90, we saw that the clash between the Hero Association and Monster Association is going to start. The Class-S heroes are planning the initial strategy before infiltrating he Monster Association’s hideout. While Garou saved Tareo by killing Royal Ripper, he was found by another monster that seems to be more powerful than the one he just killed. Will Garou be successful in this fight on One Punch Man 91?

One Punch Man 91 Possible Spoilers

From now on, the next texts will be spoilers from the webcomic. If you’re not prepared to be spoiled, try reading other articles on this site. But if you’re here to get spoiled, then read on. Some good stuff is going to happen in the next chapter.

The huge black thing that Garou, unfortunately, ran into is called “Overgrown Rover” (the picture below is also a spoiler). This monster is classified as a Dragon level monster, which makes him similar to Lord Boros in classification. He is a dog-like creature with three pairs of glowing eyes. However, he got that one weakness and Garou exploited that without knowing. To escape the Monster Association, Garou delivered a punch into Rover’s head while telling him to just “sit”. The impact of the dog falling down from the punch made the floor crumble, dragging down everything below.

One Punch Man 91

The commotion piqued the S-Class heroes waiting outside the M.A. hideout. The gang will be composed of Puri Puri Prisoner, Superalloy Darkshine, Atomic Samurai and his cohorts, Amai Mask, and Child Emperor. They proceeded in raiding out the M.A. hideout. While Silver Fang, Fubuki, Genos, and King are still in Saitama’s apartment. Well, Saitama’s sleep was interrupted by the havoc happening in the M.A. hideout. Together with his gang, he will find out who is “causing a ruckus on his lawn”.

One Punch Man Manga 91

By chance or luck, Garou fell in Gyoro Gyoro’s lair. The monster is “shocked” that Garou will turn against M.A. Garou responded that he cannot feel the “monster policy” in them. He then challenged the monster in a fight. However, Gyoro Gyoro pointed out that he might’ve defeated rover to let Tareo escape, the kid is still up, wandering alone. The monsters will be going to find him and kill him soon That made Garou lost his focus, and Gyoro Gyoro, or rather Psykos, surrounded him with extreme gravity which sent Garou to the ground in Yamcha way. After that, the Class-S heroes will soon make their way into M.A. hideout, wiping up monsters left and right.

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