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Saitama, the world’s strongest hero, and the most famous gag anime character right now, is finally coming back! One Punch Man season 2 update also confirmed that Garou will start his hero hunting in season 2. The season 2 might also introduce all new powerful characters that were introduced in the manga. Although they are not characters from ONE’s webcomic, they are introduced in Murata’s manga, which is a good sign.

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The first trailer is expected to be previewed on August 12, during the “One Punch Man Serious School Festival” that will be held in Omiya Sonic City Hall. Hikaru Hidorikawa, who will be playing Garou’s character, will also be present in the event.  The event might also reveal new characters for season 2 and their voice actors. JAM Project and other performers will be present in the event. They might also release the OST for season 2 in this event.

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The characters like Bakuzan, Gouketsu and Suiryuu are the characters that we want to see in the second season. If there is a dream battle right now, it would be Saitama against Garou. However, this might not be the last fight, as there is still Orochi, the Monster King.

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Though the second season is still under production, finished footage as well as the trailer is expected to be previewed in the August 12 event. Episode number might also be revealed if we’re lucky. The manga is currently in the Monster Association arc. Things will get interesting when Garou and Saitama finally make their first proper battle.

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And if we push our luck enough, the season two might have more episodes than the first season. After Garou’s rampage and Monster Association’s fate in the punch of Caped Baldy, new association will appear. This is the Neo Heroes, the rival association of Heroes Association. Not much is known about this group of Super Heroes, but they are scouting for more recruits. One that received an invitation from them is Genos.

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There is still no news if the Neo Heroes will appear in the next season. It seems like the focus of the next season will be Garou and the Monster Association. Madhouse was replaced by J.C. Staff which produced anime such as Toradora and Shougeki no Souma.


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