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If there’s a hard part in watching One Punch Man, it would be the power-scaling of its characters. We haven’t seen any of the characters in a battle long enough to judge their real strength. But I’ll try to make this list as realistic as possible. This list consists of characters that fight using their body abilities, that is why some characters are not included. Characters who haven’t had a battle yet is also not included.

Lets begin with our list of Strongest One Punch Man Characters

Strongest One Punch Man Characters

10. Speed of Sound Sonic

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The first one is Speed of Sound Sonic. He might only be a delinquent ninja that wants to kill Saitama, but there is no doubt he is a strong guy. He was on par with Sonic when they had a fight, but what makes him under Genos on this list is because Genos has a short range as well as long-range attacks that he can use efficiently.

9. Genos

This guy is above Sonic because of his bigger arsenal of weapons. He is also more level-headed than Sonic at the very least. Although it would be better if he will finally master the fine art of dodging.

8. Suiryuu

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Suiryuu is no doubt an S-Class hero even though he is not a member of the Heroes Association. His immense speed and longevity in the battle are quite impressive. Although he is seen as a cocky character sometimes, Saitama managed to patch that character.

7. Amai Mask / Metal Bat

Amai Mask and Metal Bat are two opposite characters that are both strong in their own different ways. Even though Amai Mask is still a Class-A hero, we all know that it is his own decision. He is definitely an S-Class hero by now. Metal Bat, on the other hand, is not the most brilliant fighter, but he sure packs a punch. And in addition to that, he can become more powerful in longer battles.

6. Bang

You can’t underestimate this old man. He can take up a beating like a young person, even Garou has some trouble beating him. If there is something that made him inferior to his former student, that would be a sharper sense in Martial Arts, as Garou can instantly learn a style just by watching it.

5. Tatsumaki


Her wholesome power comes mostly in her ability to destroy massively or prevent massive destruction. Tatsumaki’s Psychokinesis is so powerful that she can pull a meteor from space to use it as an offense.

4. Boros

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Boros can definitely make the majority of S-Class heroes make a run out of their money. Boros is a monster with above Dragon level classification. Even Saitama himself regarded him as the most powerful enemy he faced, at least in the anime. What’s the scariest thing about him is his quick regeneration.


3. Gouketsu

Gouketsu only appeared in Murata’s manga, but he was an unstoppable force. Although his whole potential was not shown because Saitama ended his career immediately, his appearance was enough to convey how powerful he is. After his fight with Suiryuu, there was no scratch on him. He was able to defeat Bakuzan immediately. This opponent can only be defeated by Saitama as of the moment.

2. Garou

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Garou is not as strong right now in Murata’s manga. He was defeated by Royal Reaper in the last manga release. The Garou that I am talking about is the Garou from ONE’s manga. He easily defeated almost all the S-Class heroes and is currently at the level higher than Dragon. In addition, he withstood Saitama’s punches longer than Boros did. What’s the scariest thing about him is his unlimited possibility to become stronger than anyone since he had also surpassed his limiter.

1. KING (lol kidding, Saitama of course)

No explanations needed. Saitama is the strongest human right now in One Punch Man Universe. Unless, of course, King achieved Ultra Instinct.

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