Watch Where To Read One Piece 904 Online?

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In this post, I’ll be discussing two things, first some predictions and second, where to read one piece 904 online. This chapter is going to be a really interesting chapter. Interesting? Why? Mainly because we don’t know what will One Piece Manga 904 focused on. We already know that One Piece is not gonna start Wano anytime soon. We will be getting two arcs before Wano. The first one will be the Reverie arc.

Where To Read One Piece 904 Online?

This arc will not have the Straw Hats in the limelight. The arc will focus on the ongoing events in the World Government. The Kings of all the kingdoms will be discussing the important things, mostly they will focus on the Revolutionary Army. The Revolutionary Army is gonna be highlighted as we know that they are certainly planning something big.

The other arc will involve Golden Lion Shiki. Shiki has made an appearance in the movie. But, that was non-canon. Luffy and co. will face their biggest test in this fight. We have confirmation about Shiki’s involvement a few months back. Oda confirmed it himself.

Now, moving on to One Piece 904. In the chapter, we might see Luffy and co. meeting up with Zoro and the others. It would be really great to see the Straw Hats finally being reunited. The Straw Hats have been separated ever since the Zou arc. Now, they will finally be reunited.

We already know that Luffy needs to take on Kaido and liberate the kingdom from the rule of the Yonkou. It will be a big test for the Straw Hats as Luffy was easily overwhelmed by Big Mom when they. Luffy struggled with Katakuri (First Commander of the Big Mom Pirates), however, he did defeat him in the end.

Luffy’s final test before the Wano Arc will be the fight against Shiki. That will help him to reach closer to the level of a Yonkou. Luffy and the rest of the crew still has got a long way to go until they reach the top.

Where To Read One Piece 904 Online?

You can read One Piece 904 online on Viz on 14th May, but if you wanna read it early, you can read it online tomorrow, on 11th may on MangaStream. However, we do recommend you support Viz and read it there.

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